Read This First

Make sure there is not already an entry. Also look at how other entries are formatted and stick to the same format. Use this template. If you have a better way of doing it then do create a sample page and post about it in the forums and we might take aboard some of your ideas.

If you correct or change a large portion of what somebody else has written then make a post on the forum saying what you've done and why.

This is not a place to tell the world how much a system sucks or shines, although reasoned and civil opinions can be posted in the forums. We do want to know what a system is well or poorly suited for, but you need to mention why. We also want to hear about innovative mechanics or design and if it works or not. If you designed the system you may still make an entry, but do make it clear that it is your own system and be prepared that others may edit it (reviewers, GMs, players and anyone who has read the rules have a greater say than the designer and anyone affiliated with the system, if you don't agree with what is stated take it to the forum).

Obviously this wiki is in its startup phase and we will have to experiment and try different approaches until we can settle on what works best. Be constructive, creative, patient and helpful. Disruptive or destructive people will have their membership revoked.

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