Mouse Guard

A 320 page, hardback book created by Luke Crane, and illustrated by and based on David Peterson's Mouse Guard comic. The Mouse Guard system is Luke Crane's newest (2009) roleplaying game and uses a mechanic that has evolved from Burning Wheel and Burning Empires and adapted to the Mouse Guard setting and stories of the comics. It is a beginner friendly system and in many ways a simpler version of the Burning Wheel rules.

  • Specialised: The rules are written with a focus on the Mouse Guard setting.
  • Gamist: Although it allows for a lot of flexibility and roleplaying it has very specific rules that govern how a game session is run and determining who gets to do what when.
  • Scripted Conflicts: There is a detailed resolution system for any type of conflict (argument, chase, fight, journey, negotiation, speech, war, etc.) which is divided into "rounds" where each team has three actions which are scripted secretely and then resolved according to a rich set of paper-sisser-rock rules resolved using skills and dice.
  • Advancement: Skills and abilities evolve through achieving a set number of failures and successes.
  • Complications and Twists: Failures lead to new missions or as penalties to a mouse's health or mental state.
  • Health: Four complications determine any penalties to various types of missions. Angry, Tired and Hungry, Sick and Injured. Death is a result of catastropic failure for a potentially fatal conflict.

Character Creation

The rules recommend beginners to start with a template mouse, but provides full rules for creating a character.

  • Goals: todo
  • Beliefs: todo
  • Instincts: todo
  • Skills: todo
  • Abilities: todo
  • Traits: todo

Task Resolution

Tests and conflicts…

  • Beginners Luck: Todo…


Combat, as well as arguments, chases, etc. will be resolved through conflicts

Social Interaction

See Conflicts above.

Character Development

Skills, abilities, traits and rewards.


There is no magic or any other supernatural abilities.

Publishing Company


  • Mouse Guard, which is available through Amazon.


  • Luke Crane


System Analysis



  • todo: todo


  • todo: todo

House Rules


This is just the initial template, needs to be written…

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