Eclipse Phase

The Eclipse Phase game and system is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

Character Creation

Background and faction is your starting point, with a point-buy system with a large number of points allowing a lot of customisation.

Task Resolution

A D100 roll under the skill percentile system where difficulties add a penalty or bonus from -30 to +30. Eclipse Phase has a lot of skills, but also aptitu

Any roll of double numbers (11,22,33, etc.) is a critical.

Moxie points allow you to change results by flipping a result (e.g. 91 becomes 19).

Combat Resolution

Character Development


There are rules for PSI.

Publishing Company

Posthuman Studios, LLC


Eclipse Phase is a pen & paper roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror.


  • Rob Boyle
  • Brian Cross


System Analysis



House Rules


Eclipse Phase is a setting and system in one, but the creative commons license makes it very friendly to use with other systems.

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