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This wiki is an attempt to create a comprehensive and concise overview and analysis of the many roleplaying systems out there.


316 Carnage Among the Stars
A State Action System All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Barbarians of Lemuria Basic Roleplaying BESM Burning Empires
Bulldogs Burning Wheel
Chronica Feudalis Cortex Cold City
Dead of Night Diaspora Dogs in the Vineyard Dont Rest Your Head
Dread Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Durance
Dust Devils
Eclipse Phase
Fantasy Dice FATE Fiasco Framewerk
FUDGE Fuzion
HârnMaster 3rd Edition HârnMaster Gold HERO System Hollowpoint
Hot War
JAGS Jaws of the Six Serpents
Mars Colony Memories of Madness Microscope Mindjammer
Mouse Guard My Life with Master
Nova Praxis Numenera
One-Roll Engine
PDQ system Polaris Posthuman Pathways Primetime Adventures
Riddle of Steel, The Rolemaster
Savage Worlds SciFi Dice Shadow of Yesterday SIEGE
Silhouette system Spacemaster Spark Starblazer
Synergy Game System Sorcerer Sufficiently Advanced
Technoir Trollbabe
Ubiquity Unisystem
Victory Point System Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Witch

System versus Setting

Many systems are tied to one specific setting. If the system has no separate name from a setting then it is ok to list it with that name, but do remember that it is the rules and not the setting that should be described. It would be correct to mention that the rules are created for a specific setting and when the rules are very integrated with a setting, it is appropriate to have some information about the setting to explain why the rules were designed the way they are. There is already a place for campaign settings in the [http://arcana.wikidot.com/campaign-setting]. Provide links to setting descriptions under the "Links" header of the relevant system.

One System - Many Names

If a system has several names and editions, as well as commonly used abbreviations, try to group them all under its most official name and mention other names, editions and abbreviations in the descriptions. If two editions are very different they may warrant separate entries, but most of the time the latest edition is enough.


The list can be great for finding the right system for your setting, whether you're a GM, designer or player. Designers are welcome to add their own systems, whether commercial, free, hobby projects or works in progress. Every system also has a section with links to House Rules, where you can create a page with your alterations and extensions to the rules.


The table uses four columns and systems are listed in alphabetical order. Before you start listing new systems or edit existing ones, read this first and use this template.

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